Who owns Metrotek Financials ?

This website is owned by Mr. Vaibhav Kumar. I am a trader and investor in indian stock market. All of the blog posts are written by me.

What are my professional qualifications?

I have no professional qualifications or designations, and I am not licensed to provide financial advice of any sort. Everything that I say and write is my personal opinion. I am flattered if you consider my views as one part of your due diligence process, but you should not rely on me for your financial decisions. In particular, you should never purchase or sell an investment based on my commentary. If you are interested in what I have to say, I’d suggest discussing it with a licensed professional before acting.

What contact information is collected on this website?

If you email me directly, you are consenting to receive email correspondences from me.

You can opt out of correspondences at any time. If you don’t wish to receive emails any longer simply inform us by emailing metrotekfinancials@gmail.com. We aren’t in the business of pestering people!

Do I recommend, sell, solicit interest for or promote investments?

No. I invest into deals with our own capital and will never ask you for yours.


Whose opinions are expressed on this website?

All of the views on this website are mine, alone. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my family, business partners or entities that I have an ownership stake in.